Trusted source for all types of electrical Control panels and solutions across all the segments since 1986.

Quality Policy

Balaji Electro Controls is committed to enhancing the reliability, energy efficiency, durability of electrical control panels, with allegiance to the safety of buildings/end-users through stringent quality processes.

Balaji Electro Controls has been certified as per ISO 9001:2015 standards for design, manufacturing, assembly, testing of IEC compliant LT & HT electrical control panels. In addition, Balaji Electro Controls ensure the panels are type tested on regular intervals at CPRI as per industry standards, which gives major confidence for the client, end-users, and engineers who maintain the electrical installations.

Balaji Electro Controls lays utmost emphasis on the testing processes, third party certifications, adhering to compliances and accepted industry standards, resulting in the best quality products and solutions.

Balaji Electro Controls is deeply rooted in the core philosophy of manufacturing the most superior IEC 61439 compliant LT & IEC complaint HT Electrical Control Panels that are Reliable, Safe, Energy Efficient, and Durable, at par with international standards.

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