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Comprehensive Maintenance


Comprehensive Maintenance is a preventive maintenance with an elaborate analysis of all panels and thorough inspection of the functioning of the systems, components, including quick response during an emergency for trouble shooting.

Comprehensive Maintenance is a period maintenance with pre-scheduled visits to the inspect, analyse, review and take corrective action, if necessary.

Comprehensive Maintenance is highly recommended for manufacturing industries, large institutions, large public infrastructure, large campuses, Residential Apartment complexes where unscheduled downtime is a vulnerable proposition.

Balaji Electro Control provides comprehensive maintenance, which includes,

  • Service availability - 24 hrs x 7 days in a week
  • Detailed inspection, analysis and review of the panels
  • Identification and correction of predictive malfunctions, if any
  • Overhauling every quarter
  • Replacement of listed faulty components
  • Quick response
  • Generate performance report
  • Manned maintenance, if required

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