Pioneer in high quality commercial, industrial grade electrical control panels, since 1986.


Balaji Electro Controls has tested their products on a regular basis at accredited laboratories like CPRI, ERDA etc to verify their quality procedures and keep the process in place.

Balaji Electro Controls has to its credit following certifications form CPRI pertaining to latest IEC Standards.

  • Strength of material and parts.

  • Degree of protection of Enclosure.

  • Clearance.

  • Creepage distance.

  • Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits.

  • Incorporation of switching devices and components.

  • Internal electrical circuits and connections.

  • Terminals for external conductors.

  • Dielectric Properties.

  • Temperature-Rise Limits.

  • Short-Circuit withstand strength.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC).

  • Mechanical Operation.

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