Real Estate

Client :

One of India’s leading property developers

Background :

One of the leading construction and property developers in India was facing unique challenges in each project with respect to required power for the building versus power sanctioned by the Electricity Board.

Problem :

One of the projects had a Restricted Load Application, wherein only 7 MegaWatt of power was sanctioned and on crossing the sanctioned load, the cost of power per unit would exponentially increase.  The challenge was to monitor the load and transfer the additional load to an alternative source, to restrict the usage within 7 Megawatt.

Solution :

The professionals from BEC along with consultants and client engineers studied the power requirements, analyzed the loading patterns, and documented the critical power usage within the building and provided a feasible solution; wherein, whenever the load reached the threshold value, the additional load is transferred to a DG set, which in turn was able to support the additional requirement of power, seamlessly.

Benefits :

The Client was extremely satisfied with the solution, as it reduced the overall costs and the risk associated with the restricted load application.  In addition, even the maximum demand for power was met seamlessly through the transfer of load to the DG set.


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